Decorative Ceramic Tile Easter Collection - Easter 0002

Decorative Ceramic Tile Sublimation - Easter Collection - EAS_0002

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Looking for a unique, changeable room decor option? Take a look at our sublimated ceramic tiles! Now it's easy to change the room for any season, holiday or special occasion. Ceramic tiles can be used as coasters, displayed as trivets or make an amazing collage with our multi-tile wall frames. Choose from our huge selection of tiles or send us your OWN photo's to place on the tiles! All of our tiles are a standard 4.25" square.

Use our ceramic tiles as coasters or place in one of our hand made tile frames.  We have a great selection of tile frames to choose from.

The BEST part?  All tiles are removable!  Change them out each season, holiday or special occasion.  All of our tiles come with the loop side (soft side) of Velcro in each of the four corners. Our wall displays come with the hook side in each corner of the tile pockets. So you can 'stick' the tiles inside each tile pocket. Creating a one of a kind multi tile wall display, which can be changed out at any time. Time and time again!

What is Sublimation? Sublimation is a special process of turning inks into a gas that embeds itself directly into the tile, not just sitting on the surface. Meaning we can make true photo quality products that are heat and water resistant. Most vendors use water based coatings (like Mod Podge) to try and protect the artwork. With our tiles, there is no need to worry about how wet it gets from your drink sweating, simply wipe it off when your ready and your good to go!